Corona virus causes low level of pollution in endemic countries

March 17, 2020

Pictures published by NASA showed a sharp decline in pollution levels in China, which is likely due to the slowdown in economic activity due to the spread of the Corona virus.
NASA maps showed a decrease in nitrogen oxide levels in China this year.
This comes amid a record decline in Chinese factory activity, as manufacturers halted production as part of efforts to contain the virus.
The U.S. agency compared the emissions of this gas in the first two months of 2019 and other periods this year.
And NASA pointed out that the decline in pollution in China came in conjunction with restrictions imposed by the authorities on transfers and corporate activities with millions of people being quarantined.
The pollution rate of toxic gas emissions in various continents also decreased with the stopping of the movement of industrial production, the movement of movement after the imposition of home quarantine in various countries of the world and the cessation of teaching and work and the commitment of millions of people to their homes in various countries of the world.
Studies show that the rate of pollution in the world has decreased in the past days by the equivalent of 48% of the previously recorded percentages.


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